Hello, I’m Frederik Uglebjerg – the guy behind Uglemix.

I offer professional solutions for mixing and mastering, as well as recording at very affordable prices. I mainly work from my home studio in Aarhus, Denmark, but occasionally rent larger recording facilities when needed. Take a look at what I can offer here.

I have mostly worked with rock, pop and metal, but I am very open to working with all kinds of different styles and genres, so don’t hesitate contacting me about your project. Check my portfolio to hear samples of music, I’ve been involved with. 

I love music. Every single aspect of it. From the artistic sides of writing, composing and performing to the technical part of recording, producing and mixing. I surround myself with music everyday and have been doing so my entire life. To me, the technical and artistic sides of creating music are very much connected throughout the entire process. Whenever I record, mix or master, staying true to the artistic vision is always the main focus. 

As the drummer in the bands Svartsot and Isbjörg I have traveled around the world playing everything from big concert halls to small bars. I know what it’s like to live and breath music and how important it is to ally yourself with the right people in order to reach your artistic goals. Contact me here if I can help you realize your project. 

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