It can be quite a challenge to finance the production of an album, EP or single. On this page I have collected a few of the best fundraising options for Danish artists as well as a couple of links to helpful guides and lists of grants.


KODA has several grants supporting bands and artists releasing music. The grants can cover costs related to producers, recording, mixing and mastering as well as hired musicians and production of vinyls and CD’s. You can read more about their grants here:

The Danish musician association (DMF) and the Danish artist association (DAF)

DMF and DAF support numerous causes including the release of new music. Artists can apply for financial support to help cover the costs of recording, mixing and mastering. 

The organization of rhythmic amateur musicians (ORA)

ORA usually don’t give financial support to artist’s own recordings and projects, but they have a great site (in Danish) with lots of info on how to apply for funding elsewhere. This includes a list of grants, a guide to fundraising and tips and tricks on what to put in your application. 

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