Mixing is the process of combining multiple audio tracks and recordings into one single stereo track. It is a highly creative process where the levels, frequencies, dynamics and “vibe” of the individual tracks as well as groups of tracks are manipulated and tailored to the song and artist’s vision. 

I offer mixing at an affordable price including unlimited free revisions as well as a free test-mix, so that you can hear what difference I can make to your recordings.* Communication is key when working together on a musical project. We can communicate online via email or skype, via telephone or you can come by my home studio in Aarhus for a chat about your vision for the project. Drop me a line here to get the process started. 

Mastering is the final step in audio production. In this phase, the overall volume is raised and the final dynamic and tonal tweaks are made to ensure consistency between the individual songs in the project as well as between different speaker systems.

Mastering is also about preparing the recording for the final medium. I offer affordable mastering for multiple mediums such as streaming, CD’s and vinyls at no extra cost. This includes unlimited revisions and a test-master, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a final mix that needs the final touch and another set of ears before it is released to the world. 


Recording and production

I offer two types of recording solutions: 

  1. Recording in my home studio.
    I can accommodate recording of vocals, acoustic guitar, MIDI keys/synth, DI guitar/bass (Direct Input using virtual amps) and other instruments that don’t require a large setup. A very affordable option for projects with limited instrumentation or for laying down vocals on an already recorded- or electronic track. 
  2. Recording in a rented commercial recording studio.
    If you need to record larger projects including drums, guitar amps or even a live performance of your entire band, this is the solution for you. I rent out a bigger commercial recording studio with more than enough space to accommodate any kind of recording needed. 

As well as offering solutions for recording, mixing and mastering, I also have a lot of experience producing and composing. If you have written a great song and need help realizing it with the right instrumentation and arrangement, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m an experienced drummer and can even offer playing the drums on your project! 


Mixing:  1000 DKK / 134 € per track.

Mastering: 200 DKK / 27 € per track.

Recording/production in my home studio: 150 DKK / 20 € an hour. One full day (8 hours): 1000 DKK / 134 €.

Recording/production in a commercial recording studio: One full day: 1200 DKK / 161 € + an additional 1000 DKK / 134 € per every 3rd commenced day. 

The Prices above are guidelines and depends on the type and size of the project. If you chose to record the entire project with me, you get 25% off mixing and mastering. Contact me for a tailored and non-binding quote. 

*Free test-mix: Mixing is a very creative process and every mixer has their own unique sound and approach, so in order for you to know if we’re a “match”, I’ll do an entire mix of one of your songs before we commit to each other. If you like the the direction I’ve taken, we close the deal and work together on the project until you’re 100% satisfied. If you don’t like it, you keep all your money and find another mixer, but the test-mix cannot be released. 

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